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Where is all the innovation?

This map is wrong.

People always think the US is the home of innovation, and in particular Silicon Valley.

It's not really true.

It's the home of investing in innovation, it's the center of risky greedy excess money, it's the center of monetization of innovation.

If you really want to find innovation, you tend to find it in the opposite places.

You find it in rural areas, in smaller countries, in places with less resources.

Google placed adult ball pens across the world, but what innovation came of it?

Facebook hasn’t ever really had a bold useful idea, just one it was founded on.

Snap was launched on a brilliant notion, but then went daft.

Twitter, I’m lost for words.

Innovation needs constraints, human needs, passion, risk tolerance, empathy, and understanding of people, and wild thinkers.

A moped rental store in Bali has a better online experience than Hertz these days.

A 3 star hotel on a random Greek island does better customer service than Marriott with WhatsApp.

It’s easier to pay for parking with Apple Pay in a village with no cellular service in North Brazil than London

Romania introduced mobile toll road payments 15 years before the UK, the US still has manned booths in some places.

If you want to see the future, don't go to Sands road, go to Manilla, go to Kigali, go to Bucharest, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, explore 2nd tier cities in China,

Jugaaḍ is real innovation, it's the spirit of doing things with less.

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