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What people get wrong about AI

I think a lot of AI chat is from people who think design is making things that look pretty, and writing is the art of getting information onto paper.

I continue to think it’s an incredibly transformative remarkable technology

And that it will get far better quickly.

But for the moment we’d be wise to

1) Think of how to make it do things far far better, not how do things incredibly quickly and cheaply and palatably worse

2) Think of how to use it for more boring things. How can it accept or decline LinkedIn invites for me. How can it rearrange a meeting nicely. How can it unsubscribe me from all survey emails. How can it maximize loyalty points from things I buy. How can it take things that don’t matter much and move them to the background.

3) Think of new business models that now make sense. Seems a powerful tool to help make engaging personalized marketing at scale, how can it help farmers improve yields, how can it be used to create incredible personalized customer service files to aid call center workers , it seems like a way to allow many businesses that didn’t make sense before suddenly work. But which ones and how.

In short how can we work around the power of new technology , apply it at the core and take us to another era of working.

AI can’t be how electricity turned fireplaces into electric ovens. It needs to be how electricity made radios, TV’s and the telephone and then the computer possible.

It’s an amazing time to rethink what we make and how.

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