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What makes a great place to work

Want to know what makes a great place to work?

It's not free food, it's being trusted

It's not a gym in the office, it's being empowered to make decisions

It's not funky furniture, it's having a clear sense of what you are there to do, and getting clear signs when you've made progress towards it.

I'm a trained architect, I adore beautiful spaces, great design, but I accept most aspects of work that matter are about culture.

If you are trusted, empowered and valued, everything else falls into place.

You learn it's not about WHERE you work, but having the freedom to decide HOW you best work.

I wish more companies understood this, and the weird thing about trust is you don't get it, you give it. You can't demand people trust you, you can just trust them and wait for it to come back

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