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Uncertainty about uncertainty

People keep on saying we live in uncertain times, and it feels this way, but are things that unpredictable?

Did we think after the Pandemic people wouldn't line up to get on Planes and see the world and each other?

Did we think the Metaverse would take off and VR headsets would fly off the shelf, did we think that Web3 was compelling enough that any remotely normal person would ever even consider logging into a website with their wallet.

Did anyone think people would stay at home on Zoom calls for 9 hours a day, rather than slowly returning to the office. Did we think after being on Zoom all day people would continue to watch more and more Netflix and not have the compulsion to go out and meet other people in the real world.

Did we think Gyms or Cinemas would die and we'd work out on Pelotons, and buy cars from Vending machines.

Did we think after the Pandemic people human nature would be rewired.

Did we think Populist leaders would stay in power election cycle after election cycle.

Did we think News coverage would become more reasonable, more calm, and move on from narrative arcs we saw starting year ago.

Welcome to 2023, an entirely and utterly predictable world, it seems many business leaders didn't see coming.

But I'd bet almost all of you did.

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