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The importance of spanning domains

A lot of people think self driving trucks will be the end of employment for truckers soon, but thats because they don't really know what a truck drivers job is.

The role is far broader than driving, it's maintenance, paperwork, loading and unloading, security, problem solving and more, which anyone in the industry could tell you.

A lot of people think Concrete 3D printed homes will change the economics of homes forever, but thats because they don't understand how the framework of a house is only about 5-20% of the cost of a home, which any Architect could tell you.

Or that Generative AI will destroy Architects jobs, without knowing most of the process isn't making a mood board, but working with people, around constraints, with building code, charming planners etc.

Lots of people thought blockchain would change lots of industries because they knew a vast amount about hashing and encryption, but nothing about reality. They failed to see that the best technology the world to record land titles, doesn't work that well if someone sticks an AK47 at your head and tells you they own it now.

My point here isn't that technology won't change the world or isn't amazing, it will and it is. It's that we need to marry tech expertise with real world knowledge. We need to be more thoughtful and enjoy learning what we don't know about.

Something the binary logic and "move fast and break things" culture of tech doesn't do very well.

So having experts that span tech domain knowledge and category expertise, has never been more imports, and loving the challenge of marrying the two.

It's a great time to have a love of technology and admiration for people and a deep love and curiousity for the sector you work in.

Know what assumptions can be challenged. The engine of all disruption

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