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The era of AI, The best time ever to be brilliant

It's never been easier to do things that were once impossibly hard.

Technology has democratized access & removed the gateway agents to success,we no longer need agents to get published or A&R people to become famous musicians

As hardware gets better & cheaper,Advanced cameras in the very smartphones that billions of people own,make it easier to take better pictures or shoot better films than we could have imagined

As software platforms spread across the world sites like Shopify or Squarespace mean anyone with a credit card can become a global retailer, practices like Dropshipping mean you can launch with zero cost of owning inventory

As media becomes democratized, YouTube or Instagram means in theory anyone can be an influencer or media celebrity.

In theory almost everything gets easier and cheaper.

And AI ( in various forms) will turbo charge this.

Soon a few prompts will render out a personalized website.

It will be easier, cheaper, faster, and thus more accessible to make a decent animation, to write decent SEO, to make decent content, to shoot decent films, to make a decent headshot, to make a decent Business Plan, to write decent contracts.

But what does this mean?

Sometimes decent is good enough.

- Having an average lawyer would help save money on making rental leases.

- Having an average SEO expert, would help ensure you do the basics right and have a reasonable chance of success.

- An average professional photographer will take good enough pictures for your birthday.

Sometimes it's not

But being in the top 10th percentile of all Tennis players or Golfers does't mean average success,it means utter failure, it means you'll never become professional

Being in the top 10th percentile of Writers won't get you a book deal or produce any work anyone sees in numbers, it means a life of obscurity.

Sometimes you have to be way way way way way above average to get any success,they are not "winner takes all" markets,but they are close

So before we champion AI or other advances as leveling the field, let's be more precise

They make it possible for almost anyone to ASPIRE to be a film maker, a photographer, the owner of a DTC brand, an influencer.

They make it possible for almost anyone to BE to be a musician, a designer, a writer, a journalist, an architect,unlike the past

But you are dealing with a competitor set thats massively increased, you are still fighting against those with more $,better connections, a parent in the industry

We're about to see democratization of access unleashed, hundreds of millions of people writing copy, making content, producing art, music, graphics,all enabled & empowered by AI

All inspired by remixes of whats been done before, generated by logic, by relationships between data

The way to win will be to be an anomaly. Think for yourself, use your guts, sheer talent, originality and eccentricity to rise above the crowds of average and cheaply made

It's the best time ever to be brilliant

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