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Start with the What not Why

Have we got to the point yet where we can agree that people really really don't buy your "why". People have no idea what a companies "why" is. They really really don't care. They buy "what" you make. Let's be real. Companies don't have especially interesting nor helpful "why's", most exist to return money to shareholders, many have lovely founding stories, but have long moved to be far less consumer centric and far more in service of money. Many things close to a "why" are vital. Companies should indeed have a strong sense of their core values, they should have a powerful and profound vision for the future, a strong sense of their business model, a defined and celebrated culture, but none of this is really the "why". And the use of all this is is it helps shape "how" you make things and "what" you make or do, and "who" you work with. We'd all be making better things and accomplishing more if we could speak out against the comfortable nonsense that holds us back. The "what" matters most, the "how" is vital and interesting and the "who" is very important. The "why?", I think not. In some companies the "how" builds on the "what", in other industries the "who" is more important, but the core thing to know is the "why" is nonsense and the "what" is what matters most.

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