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Prediding this was easy and impossible

I made this chart on April 9th 2020, to show what I thought would be the trend lines for the future following the Pandemic response.

It was never hard to see that travel would bounce back with renewed demand, that we'd buy more home printers and then less, and that some trends would shoot forward like distance learning, but not then leap to a new paradigm but settle. I get confused as to why airports and airlines around the world are now shocked by how many people are flying, did they not see how many people were buying tickets? Did they think people were buying them as souvenirs ? Why are furniture stores suffering because it turns out when you kit out a home office, you don't repeat this every year? Why are clothing retailers facing huge over orders of jogging pants. How did the stock market think it was worth going all in on Ecom or Video calling when it was always going to be harder in the years after the pandemic. Like with ALL predictions about the future, seeing what will happen isn't that hard, it's the timing of it which is impossible. When I made this I got the timing wrong. But to not see this coming at all shows a crazy lack of thought.

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