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Pace layering and the mid digital age

Modern life is reading about how AI will take 60% of admin jobs, while you're phoning around 40 companies, being put on hold each time, to find out if they have something in stock.

Modern life is boarding a plane with your face as ID, before seeing a dot matrix printer holding up the flight because airlines still run on actual paperwork.

Modern life is the iPhone having precise 3D data of 30,000 points on your face to pay for a $3 coffee, but needing to waft a pen over a piece of paper in an office to sign a contract to get a loan to show it's you.

Modern life is the very most important documents in your life are bits of easily photocopied paper, send slowly to you by physical mail, easily lost or intercepted on the way, while irrelevant messages are send electronically, securely and immediately to email folders you can only access with a password.

None of these are moans. It's just worth remembering that change happens at different levels and at different speeds.

Nuclear power plants run on air gapped computers from the 1960's, nuclear weapons launch codes are on floppy discs, the healthcare system runs on paper.

The more important something is, the more likely the slower it changes.

Housing, Education, Energy, Healthcare, remain the most vital elements of society and they all change the slowest or not at all. While the trivialities of life change the fastest.

Well worth thinking about this next time you think Tech X will change everything, it may change your retailers stock tomorrow but not your kids education .

Image shows "Pace Layering" by Steward Brand,

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