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NFT's and imagination

There is something fascinating going on with NFT's and I love it.

Hear me out.

Companies are very quick to want to jump on the NFT bandwagon and for good reason. Who wouldn't want free press, to win awards, to put something in the annual report, to have more interesting meetings, to feel like you're riding a wave of innovation.

The issue with NFT's is beyond Vape shop types, most are aware they feel like Digital Panini stickers/baseball cards had a kid with Skateboarding art, only to have it be raised by Bernard Madoff.

Most people (marketing types like speaking to ) don't want to buy virtual things. Until such time that virtual Supreme sneakers get you into a club, a virtual Rolexes get you laid, the appeal is limited.

So to make a success of them companies first created physical things or experiences to go alongside. Now you can probably buy an NFT of a G wagon and get a real one for free, or an NFT of disgruntled Giraffe and get access to some new fangled wanky bar, and meet other collectors of expensive NFT animals experiencing a variety of emotions, if that's your thing.

& now the ambition level and creativity and audacity is growing and the enthusiasm to make them work and force people to like them, means they are being used to solve real business problems like increasing customer loyalty, new revenue models and deepening brand affinity, and all with the attractive economics of something people can buy up front, firming up finances.

Delta Airlines could now sell a Diamond NFT, giving access to Diamond member benefits and more. Six Flags could offer lifetime passes and front of line queuing, free food and drink and hats , most ambitiously of all British Airways could sell one that allows you to call their customer service phone and have someone pick up the phone.

It's not just loyalty, how can they change the nature of what you buy. I could sell an NFT of my book, giving you the ebook, a physical book, the audio book, access to a special online forum where people moan about my book, access to exclusive presentations.

I could sell a more expensive NFT where Obama sings the book out to you every night, or one where you get access to all the chapters I threw away.

I could sell a cheaper one where you get access to my book for 24 hours. I could auction a special one where you get translation rights to sell the book in Spanish,or get to use the pages as wallpaper in the toilet of your Metaverse house,or another where you get to throw tomatoes at my face, while singing a song about how much you like Gary V.

The point is, finally people are getting really imaginative and ambitious about what their product and service can be, how it can make money in new ways, and I love it. I do.

I mean, you don't need NFT's to do this, it's a stupid way to do it and it's destroying the planet, but that's irrelevant. Bring on the ingenuity, and bring on the NFT's

My book is available in pre-NFT format ( for traditionalists) at the end of this month.

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