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Introducing Nowism

What if we already had everything we needed to build a better world, what if we could do it now?

In a period where the promise of the next big thing distracts us from the now and provides an excuse for inaction, where Futurism and technology seems propelled by we can possibly do, not what will create delight and solve problems.

Nowism is a way of thinking based on the unleashed potential of today. A celebration of the application of contemporary technology in deeper, more profound ways. An approach thats magnified by imagination, ambition and true empathy. Nowism is an optimistic movement based on urgency and clarity.

We should be fascinated by the potential of blockchain, what NFT’s mean or how the thinking of Web3 can alter our world, but if we want to make something, but there is plenty more opportunity now with under deployed, under estimated tech that’s been working for a decade.

Our future is only made up of what we do now. Let’s celebrate what we can do and make it happen.

This site is set up as a place to provoke debate, express views, celebrate successes and to learn.

It’s designed to inspire action, enlighten people and to champion optimism. We we can gain energy and believe from the positive things in the right now, we can improve the possible future.

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