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Digital Transformation is really about customer centricity

I've a working thesis that everything about digital transformation is wrong, including the term.

It should really primarily entirely about customer centricity, which just happens to be more vital and more rich with opportunity, in the digital age.

Of course digital era thinking can help how we make things, how we work, but the goal should really be entirely about a complete rethink and reorganization of companies around making better things, better experiences and with customers at the center.

Look at this website for a bank, it looks like the last person they think about is the customer, it's entirely about themselves and how they want to operate.

Org charts utterly dismiss the customer. It's called Conways law.

Consulting is almost entirely about looking at the factory of what you make and finding ways to improve ways to make the same things, we need a total reversal in how we think to focus on our customers.

It astounds me today that even blunt tools like the purchase funnel rarely consider repurchase as a huge opportunity. Car dealers seem to think driving off the lot is the end of the sales process, when it's really the start.

It's typically considered something a little extravagant like "innovation" and treated as a fun side thing, but what we need it's really about a total change in philosophy towards customers being central and thinking in terms of experiences, empowered by the potential of what technology makes possible and how it changes consumer expectations and behaviors.

Think about your customers, not how your company works.

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