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Cheaper is not the way, easier is.

I was in Best Buy today and a very passionate person in desperation flagged down a salesperson and said “ please let me buy a TV that’s simple to use, I don’t understand any of this stuff , I just want it to work”

It’s mad to me how in marketing we have various levers . Faster, better , cheaper and easier

By far the most popular battle is cheaper.

Everyone is so keen to offer cheaper they rarely entertain the idea people will pay more. It makes sense but destroys margin

Many companies offer better, the idea being most people will pay more for extra. It makes sense but often leads to expensive R&D and eats into margin.

Faster has become a key battleground too, at massive cost

But by far the biggest opportunity out there is easier. Easier doesn’t need to cost more. If anything simplicity is just thinking

Make it easy to take my money. Make it easy to buy this and not regret it. Make it so that the of the billion things in my head right now. One of them isnt thinking about this thing. People have better things to think about.

It’s a massive opportunity. Yet we rarely see it discussed. Have no idea why.

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