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Build don't change

The good news is that there's never been an easier time to start and/or build a company.

The bad news is that there's never been harder to change a company.

Companies that have been around for a long time are remarkable. They are robust, full of expertise, and have strong cultures. They've been honed and perfected over decades.

But "Processes" become calcified into routines, "Values" become dogmas, "Relationships" become like chains, that hold us back from exploring new options and "the way we do things" move from providing focus to simply making us blind to new ways of working.

We should way more about digital business creation, than digital business transformation. We should talk way more about culture creation, than culture change.

We should think much more in terms of what can we make, than what we can replace.

Thrusting startups have many things going for them, but large legacy incumbents typically have many more.

The skill is to combine the best of both

And above all else, we should see that change rarely is about replacement, but about new.

Change comes from growth. And growth is far greater if it comes from change.

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