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Avoiding the distractions of our time.

I've been lucky enough to be part of the Cannes Festival of Advertising this week.

Lots of conversations here baffle me:

- Lots of discussions about "the Metaverse" , a concept which is so conspicuously and staggeringfly stupid, it won't ever not irritate me. Yet meanwhile we've ignored billions of gamers for decades.

- Lots of talk about NFT's as a better way to conceptualize ads, despite the fact they remain a massively destructive, pointless and comically bad way to extract money from content. Lots of talk about Web3, a way to signally to each other we are smart enough to have read a few blogs, but not smart enough to have asked any questions about what it is, why it would ever take off, or question the intrinsically nonsensical logic underpinning it, nor consumer disinterest in any element of it, nor the flawed commercial models behind it.

-Lots of talk about anything except the people we serve, consumers.

- A complete disinterest in our role in selling things, somehow despite content and commerce smashing together, we see "selling" as beneath us.

There are some interesting conversations that could be had.

- The metaverse is an interesting discussion about the time we spend online, whether it's good or bad for us to be more immersed in a more 3D web, what our relationship with it could be, if we are on a liminal point, where we start to rebel against increasing screen use and return to reality or whether we give up on the real world and seek refuge in screens. Nobody is talking about.

-NFT's as a better form of monetizing attention, raise the question, what should ads evolve to become. My MASSIVE unexpected opinion is that commerce will be the new future of advertising. Getting paid more like affiliate marketers than broadcasters.

Sadly nobody wants to let me place buy now buttons on any ads on any social media platforms, it's absolutely baffling to me.

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