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AI = Average information?

I still hold loosely the idea that for the time being GPT3 isn’t AI, it’s AAI, “average answers immediately” .

Every time I’ve used it I’ve had zero trust in the answer. Whatever it tells me, I fact check, and since I see others not bother, I see it as the greatest creator and distributer of false, fact or misleading information we’ve ever made.

The widespread faith and adoration I notice in all directions makes me worry about the level of care or craft in the world or even the level of discernment.

Are people really ok with a world of superficially plausible but not remotely original thinking ? With something that renders things out without care or thought. Tonnage over insight. Eyeballs over meaning.

It will of course improve, but has a long way to go. For the time being we’d be wise not the be quick to broadcast fear, and instead wonder at the brilliance of the human mind and ensure we focus on what’s accurate and thoughtful and helpful.

and remember how much more useful search is. We need to find real time info far more than we need to generate answers from historical databases.

I'm always open to being wrong and would appreciate any examples of how I should be using it.

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