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What if we had all we needed now? 

What if promises of the future distracted us from action?

Nowism is global movement rooted in the belief that true innovation can be unlocked by deeper more imaginative deployment of technology we already have. 

While futurism is based in outlandish ideas of technology that may one day arrive and could one day matter,  nowism is a pragmatic force for good to leverage the possibilities of now, and to enric consumers lives by understanding how behaviors and needs.

Nowism is a celebration of the rich canvas of opportunity, to inspire meaningful innovation by all. 

We seek to celebrate those who have unleashed the power of what we’ve got, to offer news, provoke debate, to inspire and to challenge us all to be more empathetic, imaginative and urgent

The only time we can act is in the present. Our future is entirely the aggregation of what we do now. So why don’t we start now. 

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